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Karlyn 2012 6

The new Co-Captain Karlyn Olson


The Redline Lady Panthers, formerly known as the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers, were founded in the summer of 2006 and the first NHL team to have professional cheerleaders. The Redline Lady Panthers are a group of talented young ladies that cheer on our Florida Panthers and entertain the fans at home games.

They're not only a tremendous asset to the new generation of hockey, but are also positive features in the community volunteering with multiple local charities. 
The team is made up of a close knit group of young woman from diverse backgrounds from the South Florida area and abroad.
The ladies shoot an annual swimsuit calendar. Be sure to pick up your copy at







(copyright redline lady panthers)

Read more about the Redline Lady Panthers and our interview with the new Co-Captain Karlyn Olson:


Question: Because of the NHL lockout, there is no season currently. What are you doing now?

Karlyn: The Lady Panthers & I are still continuing to practice because we want to be ready when the lockout finally comes to an end. We are still exercising thoroughly, eating healthy and making sure we are in perfect shape when it comes time to start the season!

Question: How can other girls audition to be a Lady Panther?

Karlyn: For one to become a Lady Panther, she has to have dance ability and a lot of personality. Personality is important as we attend numerous amounts of events and appearances in our community.

Question: Is there an age limit on being a Lady Panther?

Karlyn: There really is no age limit on being a Lady Panther. It solely depends on the individual and if they could be seen as a good representation for our organization.

Question: What is the goal of a Lady Panther?

Karlyn: The goal for a Lady Panther is to be the best entertainment for everyone at the hockey games. We cheer on our Florida Panthers and entice our fans to cheer along with us! We want to get the whole arena pumped every hockey game! Our Panthers are the Southeast Division Champions of the 2011-2012 Season… we have to represent!

Question: Is it a full-time job to be a Lady Panther? What are you doing additionally to the job as a Lady Panther?

Karlyn: Being a Lady Panther is not a full time job, but I feel like there is a lot more responsibility on my end because I was graciously announced Co-Captain for this season. In addition to being a Lady Panther, I also attend school majoring in Business.

Question: What are you hobbies?

Karlyn: I have so many hobbies. Of course, dancing is my all time favorite hobby! I love being around my family and closest friends, shopping, karaoke, and bedazzling everything!

Question: Have you ever been to Germany?

Karlyn: Yes, I have actually been to Germany! It was a small town called Papenburg, but it was so lovely and quaint. It was a great experience!

Question: Do you know something about our German hockey players Marcel Goc and Marco Sturm ?

Karlyn: Marcel Goc is currently on our active roster and Marco Sturm is currently a free agent.

Question: Are the Lady Panthers locked out too, or is this different from the Hockey Team?

Karlyn: Technically, we are considered locked out as well. But we are very fortunate to continue working appearances and being involved at charity events as well. We can’t wait to get the season started!

Karlyn 2012 5
(copyright redline lady panthers)

See more Pics about the nice girls of the Redline Lady Panthers on our Photogallery


5 Quick Questions

High Heels or Dancing Shoes Answer: I can’t choose between the two. High heels for going out; Dancing shoes for practice!


Dress or Swimsuit Answer: Dress!

Burger or Salad Answer: Easy one! Has to be a salad!

Hockey or Baseball: Answer: Hockey without a doubt!

Cinema or DVD Answer: Cinema

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