Interview with the Redline Lady Panthers (English)

The Redline Lady Panthers, formerly known as the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers, were founded in the summer of 2006 and the first NHL team to have professional cheerleaders. The Redline Lady Panthers are a group of talented young ladies that cheer on our Florida Panthers and entertain the fans at home games.

They're not only a tremendous asset to the new generation of hockey, but are also positive features in the community volunteering with multiple local charities. 
The team is made up of a close knit group of young woman from diverse backgrounds from the South Florida area and abroad.

The ladies shoot an annual swimsuit calendar. Be sure to pick up your copy at





(Silvia - Picture Redline Lady Panthers)

We made an interview with Silvia on of the gergious Dancer of the Lady Panther.

Question: Please Describe your work as a Lady Panther ?

Answer: As a Lady Panther we are not only dancers but also ambassadors for the Florida Panthers. We perform at every home game, interact with the fans and of course, cheer on our favorite team! Aside from games, we are also very involved in our local community

Question: Which Skills do you need to become a Lady Panther ?

Answer: To be a Lady Panther you need to have the whole package: great personality, personable, committed, responsible and a talented dancer.

Question: What do you do besides cheer as a Lady Panther ?

Answer: Besides working with the Florida Panthers, I am currently a kindergarten teacher intern as well as a cheerleading coach for the Elementary School.

Question: Do you support only your NHL Team or do you like other sports teams as well ?

Answer: I am a huge sports fan! But my top team amongst all sports are my Florida Panthers! I also love to watch baseball, and in particular the Miami Marlins.

Question:  What’s your goal in this Sport ?

Answer: My goal in the sport of dance is to continue to grow, learn everyday and encourage others with my passion for it.

Question: What was your greatest Sports Moment ?

Answer: I have had many great sport moments, but one that I will never forget was the last ice performance of my rookie season. My greatest sports moment was during our final on-ice performance. It was a flawless performance and the girls and I could feel it. The crowd was cheering and gave us a standing ovation… I will never forget the feeling!


Question: Do the Lady Panthers have a relationship with any of the Hockey Players ?

Answer:  We have a very professional relationship with the players.

Question: How many Lady Panthers are with the Organization ?

Answer: This season we have 28 Lady Panthers!


(Pictures - Silvia copyright Redline Lady Panthers)

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