Interview with Monika Gyömber

Monika Gyömber is an 20 years old beautiful goaltender of the Hockey National Team of Hungary.
The Student lives in Budapest and she have played in Sweden and in Germany by the Hockey Club of ECDC Memmingen Indians.

With the National Team of Hungary she took place at two IIHF World Championships Div. III in 2008 in Budapest and 2011 in Australia. 

Since 2009 is she playing with an Team of Budapest in the 3rd Men League of Hungary. This is very impressive, because there are not many Women Goaltender playing in such high Leagues of Men Teams. In Germany is only Ivonne Schröder (National Goaltender) also playing in the 3rd Men League and with Viona Harrer (National Goaltender) is the second Women playing in an Men´s Team of the 4th League.

Portrait of Monika Gyömber





Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Budapest (Hungary)







Left / right


Hockey Stick (Brand, Model)

Bauer Supreme One 60

Skates (Brand, Model)


Hockey Teams

UTE (1999-2006),

Budapest Stars (2006-2007)

ECDC Memmingen (Germany) (2007-2008) Vaxjö Ladies Lakers (Sweden) (2008-2009)

FTC (Men team in Budapest) since 2009

World Championships

2008. Div III. in Budapest 5. place

2011. Div III. in Australia 3. place

Olympic Games



Listen to music, be with friends, go to parties

5 Questions


Lipstick or Natural Makeup ?

Natural Makeup

Disco or Fitness ?


DVD or Cinema ?


Dress or Jeans ?


Newspaper or Internet ?



We have invited the young Beauty to an Interview:

1. Question:  How do you become an hockey goaltender ?
My brother started to play ice hockey around 15 years ago, he was a goalie too and I always watched his games and trainings. Well it was boring just to watch them and when 13years ago a guy’s parent asked me to try it with the younger starters I said “ OK” since then I fell in love with it . 

2. Question:  If you are not became an hockey player, which other Sport would you have done ?
When I started to play I already did fitness for 2 years which meant for a short time I did fitness and played hockey as well, and then I chose hockey J 

3. Question: Your most important Victory ?
When I was in Canada with the Hungarian U12 (boy) Team and there was a competition for goalies. There were 26 goalies from all over the world. I won the competiton and I got a big cup . I was very happy because I was the only girl from the 26 goalies and no one believed that I could do it J 

4. Question: If you are not on the ice, what occupation do you have ?
I still go to school and I spend most of my free time on ice but when I have time I like being with my friends and go to have a party with them. 

5. Question:  Which objektives (sport and business) do you have ?
Since I came back from Sweden I play in the 3. Men league in Hungary this means I do not play with the girls just when we have programmes with the national team.Well I have not finished my studies and I may apply to a university in the USA where I would like to play ice-hockey as well. 

6. Question: Have you ever been playing hockey in germany, or against german teams ?
Yes in the season 2007/2008 I lived in Memmingen and I played in ECDC Memmingen Indians .I played in Schüler and Jugend teams, I really enjoyed that season in Germany. 

7. Question: In your opinion, who is the best goaltender oft the world ?
I love Martin Brodeur , he is an amazing goalie.From women goalies I have already trained with Kim Martin (SWE) and in Memmingen with Jennifer Harss J and I really admire them. 

8. Question: Tell us something about the women Hockey in your Country.
This year we played at the  div III. championship where we won the bronz medal. The Australians won the 2nd place . Actually the game between Hungary and Australia was only 0-1 which shows that we were really close to them. Next year we would like to win the divIII championship and then take part in the upper division. We have some very talented young players and we are waiting for them to spend th 16th year when they can participate in the world championship. Well Hungarian Women Hockey has developed a lot and still developing the only problem that we have not enough sponsors and money to have more opportunities.  

Thank you very much for this friendly interview. We wish you all the best.


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