Interview mit Riley Sheen von den Bietigheim Steelers


Interview (Bietigheim/HG)  eishockey-online hat Riley Sheen, die Nummer 91 von den Bietigheim Steelers, dem Aufsteiger in die PENNY DEL, interviewt. Hier sind die Fragen und seine spannenden Antworten.


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(Fotoquelle Jan Simecek)  Riley Sheen: stets sympathisch und authentisch


Mr Sheen, please tell me where do you come from? How long have you already been staying / living in Germany?

I’m from Edmonton Alberta Canada and this is my second season playing in Germany.


How do feel about such small towns like Bietigheim? What is so special about it? Do you agree with John Mellencamp’s song “Small town” in this context?

I really like the town of Bietigheim. We are very close to Stuttgart but there are still plenty of things to do here and we don’t have to deal with any traffic, so it’s very easy to get around!


Where did you play before and what did you like most at your former club? 

Before I came to Bietigheim, my first-year professional was spent in China and Russia; our club was based out of Beijing. Although there was a lot of travel involved it was a really great experience to play there and I got to see many interesting places all around the world!


Please give us a brief summary about your key function and role at the Steelers?

I think I was brought into the Steelers team to help add some offensive attributes to the team, I feel I have filled that role nicely and look forward to continuing to contribute as much as I can.


What things do you consider essential in your player’s kit? What are the most important characteristics and skills you need to have on ice to be successful?

I think my shooting ability along with my skating ability are my most important attributes, in order to use these skills, I need to continue to get myself into good positions to shoot the puck and make plays offensively.


Which hockey player do you adore most? Who happens to be your role model on ice?

There are many players I look at and enjoy watching I think Nikita Kucharov and Patrick Kane are probably my two favorites. I guess you could call those players my role models because I enjoy watching what they do and I’m always trying to add things to my game from them.


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 (Fotoquelle Jan Simecek) Einer seiner verwandelten Penaltys


What is your key of motivation? Where do you retrieve your energy for hockey?

I feel like my main source of motivation comes from my family without them I really would not be able to be doing what I am doing so when I play, I play for them!


What is your preferred way of relaxation after a hard day’s work on ice?

Usually, I just like to go out for lunch or dinner with the guys of the team and when I’m at home I enjoy watching movies and that’s mainly how I like to relax.


What’s your opinion about the new IIHF rules and regulations valid this season? How do you judge hybrid icing and the new triangle area behind the goalie?

I think the rule changes are good. They are really not rules that play too much a role in the game, but some of the situations where the opposition is not able to change their players can be very helpful.


If you like the changes: In which way do they help your way of playing hockey? If you don’t like the changes: How do they negatively influence your play?

I don’t really notice the changes all that much but like I said above, there are some rules that have affected line changes, and I feel like, that can help create offence if you are able to catch a tired group of players on the ice.


How do you evaluate the current season (personally and for the team) so far and how do you rate the actual performance of your team as newcomer to the league?

So far, I think the season has gone alright for us and for me personally I’m quite happy with the success that I have had so far. Bring the newcomers in the league I think we really surprised a lot of people at the start of the year but since then we have run into a little bit of injury trouble that has made it very hard on us as a group. I think that once we are able to get healthy again, we will return to the level we were playing at the beginning of the season


You scored most goals in the team so far. What is the secret of your great performance?

I think I have just been able to take advantage of the opportunity’s I have had so far and I think the most important thing has been playing with players that I’m comfortable with. I really like the way my line has been playing all year and I look forward to continued success with them!


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 (Fotoquelle Jan Simecek)  Aus jedem Winkel mit Torgefahr


What do you expect for the rest of the season for you and the team? Can you stay clear of relegation?

Like I said earlier I think that one of the most important things for our team heading into the second half of the season would have to be staying healthy. We have already proven that we can play with any team in the DEL and we just need to have confidence in that.


What are your plans after your career as hockey player? Would you even consider returning to your former club? Do you intend to change to the KHL or apply for the NHL? Maybe you fancy a job as adviser somewhere?

Right now, I am still a younger player so I don’t like to think too far ahead take each year as it comes and try to grow myself as a person and as a hockey player. I do believe I have a long life in hockey after my playing days are over but in which role, I am not really sure yet!


Can you tell me a ‘wisdom of life’?

Don’t let time pass you by. As a professional hockey player, I consider myself very very lucky to do what I love for a living. Right now, I’m getting to travel the world and see different cultures all while playing hockey. These are experiences that not many people are able to have and I appreciate that.


Mr. Sheen, thanks a lot for your valuable time and your great responses. We wish you good luck and health for the remaining season.


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 (Fotoquelle Jan Simecek)  Sein gefährlicher Handgelenksschuss





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