Interview with Stanley Cup Winner Jonathan Bernier (English))

Jonathan Bernier´s career began in the OMJHL with the Lewiston Maineiacs. In the season 2006/2007 he has won the President´s Cup with his Team in the QMJHL. Bernie´s NHL Debut was on September 29, 2007 for the Los Angeles Kings against Anaheim Ducks. He became the second star of this game. During this Season after playing mor 3 NHL Games, he was send back to the junior team in Lewiston. He played the next to seasons for the Manchester Monarchs in the American Hockey League (AHL) and would be named to Team Canada für the All Star Game of 2010.

With 16 Games and 1 Shutout during the season 2011/2012 in the NHL he has won the Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings. Now Bernier is playing during the NHL Lockout for Heilbronn Falken in the 2end League of Germany.


Birgit Eiblmaier called Bernier for this interesting interview.


How come you signed with  Heilbronner Falken ?


Heilbronn was the first team who needed a goalie. I talked to my agent if there will be a Lock Out i would take the first offer. I was sitting at home all day long  and just wanted to play and to keep in shape.



What was your very first impression of Germany, of Heilbronn of the people ?


Everything was in the right way when i got here, everything and everybody was very professional and people were very friendly to me and tried to talk in English. What is totally different to playing in the NHL are the fans, the are chanting and yelling your name  the whole game.



Did have you have some spare time to explore Germany/ Heilbronn a little bit ?


No, not much. I ´ve been travelling with the team a lot . But i want to go at least to France, where my brother currently is playing for Briancon.




You already have played with one player earlier before – Michel Levaille.

Did he introduce to the team or did he tell you about the Do´s & Dont´s in Germany ?


I was very glad when i looked at the roster and saw that Michel is playing for Heilbronn as well. It makes everything a little bit easier when you already know somebody. It´s a great experience for me to play in Germany, and it´s not that different than playing in another country, it´s all about playing hockey, that´s it.




How about your new teammates ?  Do they stand in awe because you´re a Stanley Cup winner or do you think it´s a challenge for them to train, to play harder ?


Actually i don´t know how they deal with it, but i guess it´s a great experience for them. As for me i try do to my best and help the team to win games.



Some NHL players train in little groups just to keep in shape- what did you do before you were headed to Heilbronn ?


I played in the so called „Mc Donald´s League“ twice a week. It´s charity thing for young, talented hockey players.



You wear #45 – what does it stand for , any meaning ?


It´s the number they gave me when i was invited to my first trainings camp. So it´s kind of a lucky charm for me.


Lets get back to the Stanley Cup -  Each player who won the Stanley Cup gets his day with the Cup. How did your day look like ? Lots of stories about players spending their days with the Cup.


It was a very long day. I went to the place where i grew up, lots of children came to the City Hall for taking pics. After that i had a private party with family and friends at home.




What was your most memorable moment in your career so far ?


My first NHL game, that´s for sure. Every kid who loves playing hockey has that one dream playing in the NHL, and my dream came true.



You have a contract with the Heilbronner Falken till Nov 13th. What if the Lock Out still continues ?


I signed with Heilbronn because they needed a goalie – both netminders are injured. So thats the point – if both still won´t be able to play i will stay as long as i can help them out.


Thanks a lot for this interview Johnathan , wishing you all the best !

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