Interview with NHL Stars Simmonds & Stewart (English)

With Chris Stewart (St. Louis) and Wayne Simmonds (Philadelphia) was traded during the NHL Lockout 2012 two really NHL Stars to Crimmitschau in the 2nd Hockey League of Germany. Both Players scored in the first six games  8 Points. Chris Stewart 3 Goals and 5 Assists and Wayne Simmonds 1 Goal and 7 Assists.

The contract of this two Guys is for now only for 30 Days.

Statistic NHL Season 2011/2012

Club Sp. Tore Assists
Wayne Simmonds Philadelphia Flyers 82 28 21
Chris Stewart St. Louis Blues 79 15 1


Birgit Eiblmaier went to Crimmitschau to meet both of the NHL Stars for an interview.

It seems like a dream for you both came true – playing on one team.  But how come it´s Crimmitschau ? – It´s not that one of those famous cities in the world

Chris : It was a dream since we grew up. And we both are very happy that we have the opportunity now. I had offers from Austria and other european countries, but i wanted to play with Wayne, that´s the reason.

Wayne: It was just one phone call of my agent – and flights were booked. I didn´t know Fabian (ann. : Headcoach of Eispiraten Crimmitschau ) before, but it´s great beeing here


What was your first impression of Germany ?

Chris : The fans, thats for sure ! They chant during the game, no matter what´s the score

Wayne: It´s amazing playing in such an athmosphere !


Typical for Germany are several varities of sausage and beer – have you already tried ?

Wayne (laughs ) : yes, i´ve tried a couple of times „Bockwurst“ ( ann.: kind of sausage which can either be boiled or grilled ) and beer, it tastes good !

Chris ( laughs as well ) i only had light beer at the club, i needed to play hockey the other day


Back to hockey – hockey is a little bit different over here than in North America – for instance, we play on a bigger rink. Does this make a difference for you ?

Wayne : Not at all. You just have more space to skate, but that´s it.

Chris : That makes no difference for me

How about the referees over here – both of you got some penalty minutes in only a couple games so far ?

Chris & Wayne (unisono ):  No Comment !

What do you think about the lockout ? Most of the NHL fans feel bitter on both sides – Gary Bettman and the players as well.

Chris : We are locked out, so what should we do ? We just want to play hockey, that´s all !

Wayne : I think most of the fans know that it´s not the players fault, as Chris said, we want to play hockey, hockey is our life. That´s the reason why so many players are headed overseas.

Chris : For Wayne and me it´s great to play on one team, and we love to play here !


Thanks a lot for his interview, enjoy your time in Germany and all the best for your career !

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