Interview mit Dave Hammond (Kanada) - English

Dave Hammond, one of the world´s best inline hockey players, was born May 6, 1985 in Orange, CA.

He started playing hockey in 1993, his first competitive inline hockey team was Biltrite Brea Bulldogs, his first competitive ice hockey team was South Coast Sabers Peewee A.

In the age of 16 Dave moved on his own to Toronto, Canada to get serious about ice hockey. He played Midget AAA for the Markham Islanders and Varsity High School Hockey for Crestwood Preparatory College ( since today Dave is still the all time leader in goals and points at Crestwood Preparatory College ).

Dave also played a couple of months for teams in the OHL. In the age of 21 Dave was invited to USA Camps and Canada Camps for inline hockey due to his dual citizenship .

Team USA previously had won the World Championship and had no spots available so he decided to play for Team Canada.

Dave became Captain of the team and won several medals at the FIRS and IIHF World Championships.

Dave studied real estate and housing with a business backgorund at the Guelph University and left school at the end of 2008 for coaching the Coastal Pirates in Namibia, Africa.  He spent about 3 years there.

2011 Dave played for Team Reebok, Team Canada IIHF, Team California for Trieste Edera, Italy.

Birgit Eiblmaier met Dave in Ingolstadt after he has won the gold medail for Team Canada for an short interview.

Congratulations on winning the Gold Medal.  Have you thought about this when you came to Germany a week ago ?

Dave: Since i was a kid, this has ever been a dream of me. Now this dream came true. Greatest feeling ever.

Who are you going to call first and tell about the huge win ?

Dave: My financé. She didn´t travel with me, she is in Namibia now.

Did you enjoy the athmosphere here with all the fans cheering ?

Dave: Yes, for sure. It´s amazing. And i still had in mind that two years ago Germany has beaten us 9-3, so we were all focused on this game. (laughs)

There are two types of inlinehockey players. Some play ice hockey as well and just play inlinehockey, let´s call it „for fun“, some  only play inlinehockey. What type of player are you ?

Dave: I stopped playing ice hockey in the age of 17, i like inlinehockey way better. And that´s what i am doing now for a living , playing inlinehockey.

On Monday you had a day off.. what did you you ? Some sightseeing maybe ?

Dave: No, just relaxing. I had an appointment with the physiotherapist for massage, stretching and things like that.

What´s next on your plan, when are you going to leave Germany ?

Dave: I want to fly to Italy tomorrow for a couple days, but probably i should cancel this flight because i might have a hangover tomorrow (laughs)

Thank you for this interview Dave ! Have a great time, wishing you all the best !


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