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Bayernliga - Abwehr-Ass bleibt den Wanderers erhalten

(Bayernliga-Germering) Die Mannschaft von Trainer Alfred Weindl wächst weiter. Matthias Götz geht in seine vierte Saison im Wanderers-Trikot.


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Interview with NHL Superstar Dany Heatley from Nueremberg Ice Tigers

(Interview) Former star forward of the NHL Dany Heatley signed with the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers , playing in Germany´s Elite League DEL. Birgit Eiblmaier from met Dany Heatley for an interview.


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Interview with Colin Fraser from Nueremberg Ice Tigers

(Interview) Colin Fraser has played 9 seasons in the National Hockey League and 6 seasons in the American Hockey League for several Hockeyteams (Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonoton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues) before he signed to Germany to the DEL Club of Nueremberg.


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Traveling Picks Back Up and Panthers Pull Into 2nd Place

(Women´s Hockey Life - Lauren Barnes) December and January have been very busy months for me! We only had one game in December, which left time for some travel, especially since Tracy’s knee was starting to heal and she was a bit more mobile! We decided to go to Prague, which is only a bus ride away rather than a plane ride.


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Hockey in the Sunshine State of Florida

The fastest team sport of the world is known to be the sport of ice hockey. In freezing temperatures the ice skates crunch on the ice and well-built men crash into each other, at high speeds bringing the boards to shake. The game is played exclusively in the winter months, but what about when there is actually no real winter in the city with a hockey team?


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ERC Ingolstadt Panthers Celebrate Their 50th Season

(Women´s Hockey Life - Lauren Barnes) November was a slower moving month. We were not able to travel this month due to Tracy’s knee injury but we are planning a trip for December, so we have that to look forward to! Our team played 6 games this month, leaving for one off weekend.


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Oktoberfest Lives Up To Its Reputation

(Women´s Hockey Life - Lauren Barnes) October, or Oktober in German, was definitely a fun month! Oktoberfest to be exact was one of my fondest experiences this month. We luckily had an off weekend the last weekend that Oktoberfest was going on. It wasn’t the nicest day out so wearing my dirndl got a little chilly but it was so much fun wearing the German attire and just being like one of the locals, until I tried to speak German and it was immediately apparent that I was a foreigner again, haha!


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Interview with Goalie Rob Zepp (Version English) Reporter Angie Breuer made an interview with the Goaltender of the AHL Club Lehigh Valley Phantoms after he had his first game last week.


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Women´s Hockey Life - Welcome to Germany Lauren Barnes

(Women´s Hockey Life - Lauren Barnes) My journey started with my flight out to Germany on September 8th. This is my first time ever flying to Europe so I was expecting the flight to be pretty grueling. The flight turned out not that bad! It was a 9-hour flight, which departed at 6:40 pm from Minneapolis. The airplane was equipped with TVs in every seat so I was able to watch a couple movies to keep myself entertained. This was also my first flight I have been on where there were meals served! We received a pasta dish with a roll and potato salad for dinner, and then we received breakfast as well since it was going to be around 10:00 am when I landed in Frankfurt, Germany.


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Interview with Ryan Duncan (Red Bull Salzburg) English!

Today we present an interview with the forward Ryan Duncan. Last season he played for the DEL team Red Bull Munich and this season h will be playing for Red Bull Salzburg. Reporter Mathias Funk met Ryan Duncan in Salzburg.


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No offer for Riley Armstrong - the final Blog from Amber

As many of you know our family left Tuesday morning and I wanted to take a few minutes to express our gratitude.  Unfortunately we could not stay longer as I must start work this week and Riley has agreed to join me to watch over Peyton while I work out of town, instead of staying in Landshut to celebrate the season along with the remainder of his team.


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Amber´s Blog - New Years resolutions

I hope you have all been enjoying 2014 so far and following through with your New Years resolutions, if that’s your thing.  I think if I were the type to set a resolution mine would have been no more phones in the bed.  I would say 90% of the time when we go to bed, we lie down and immediately start looking at Facebook or YouTube, and it’s ridiculous.


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IIHF WM 2017

Aktuelle Interviews

28. April. 2017

5 Fragen an Nationalspieler Frederik Tiffels - Ein College Boy auf dem Weg zur Weltmeisterschaft

(Interview) (Christian Diepold) Die Vorbereitung auf die Eishockey Weltmeisterschaft 2017 in Köln/Paris befindet sich in der letzten Phase, es sind… mehr dazu...
18. April. 2017

Interview mit dem Nachwuchstalent von den Tölzer Löwen Julian Kornelli

(Interview) PM/Kürzel (Autor) Mit seinem Traumtor beim dritten Halbfinale (2017) gegen den ERC Sonthofen in der Verlängerung war Julian Kornelli… mehr dazu...
17. April. 2017

Interview mit Nationaltorhüterin Jenny Harss, die 2017 WM Geschichte geschrieben hat

(Interview) (Christian Diepold) Die deutsche Eishockey Nationalmannschaft der Frauen erreichte bei der Eishockey WM 2017 in Plymouth (USA)… mehr dazu...
09. April. 2017

Interview mit Stefan Tillert (Crocodiles Hamburg)

(Oberliga/Hamburg) (Karsten Freese) Als Christoph Schubert im vergangenen Jahr bei der Crocodiles unterschrieb, trat er einen Schritt zur Seite und… mehr dazu...
07. April. 2017

Interview mit Martin Sekera (EV Lindau)

(Interview) (Betty Ockert) Martin Sekera ist ein ehemaliger deutsch-tschechischer Eishockeyspieler der bis zu seinem 44. Lebensjahr in der Oberliga… mehr dazu...
07. April. 2017

Interview mit Ex-Nationalspielerin Monika Bittner (225 Länderspiele)

(Interview) (Tim Harrow) Mit dem Gewinn ihres 7. Deutschen Meistertitel hat Monika Bittner nach 14 Jahren (Frauen Bundesliga) Ihren Abschied vom… mehr dazu... Shop

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Tabelle Fraueneishockey Bundesliga

Eishockey News Fraueneishockey

deb fin 07042017 5
08. April. 2017

Frauen Eishockey WM 2017 - Sensationeller 4. Platz für das DEB Team

(DEB Frauen) (PM) Die Frauen-Nationalmannschaft unterliegt Finnland im Spiel um Platz 3 der 2017 IIHF Frauen Eishockey-Weltmeisterschaft in Plymouth… mehr dazu...
deb usa 07042017 3
07. April. 2017

Frauen Eishockey WM 2017 - Niederlage gegen USA, Chance auf Bronze gegen Finnland

(DEB Frauen) (PM) Die Frauen-Nationalmannschaft unteliegt den USA im Halbinale der 2017 IIHF Frauen Eishockey-Weltmeisterschaft in Plymouth (USA)… mehr dazu...
05. April. 2017

Fraueneishockey - Saisonabschlussfeier mit Überraschungen bei den Hannover Lady Scorpions

(Frauen/Hannover) PM Am vergangenen Sonntag, den 01. April 2017, fand die Saisonabschlussfeier der Hannover Lady Scorpions statt, auf welcher noch… mehr dazu...
deb rus 04042017 1
05. April. 2017

Frauen Eishockey WM 2017 - Marie Delarbre´s Schuss für die Geschichtsbücher - HALBFINALE !

(DEB Frauen) (PM) Größter bisheriger Erfolg für die deutsche Frauen-Nationalmannschaft: Im 500. Länderspiel der Frauen-Nationalmannschaft bezwang das… mehr dazu...
deb sui 03042017 2
04. April. 2017

Frauen Eishockey WM 2017 - Niederlage gegen Schweiz aber sensationell das VIERTELFINALE erreicht

(DEB Frauen)PM Im letzten Vorrundenspiel der 2017 IIHF Frauen Eishockey-Weltmeisterschaft in Plymouth (USA) mussten sich die deutschen Frauen der… mehr dazu...

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